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[VIDEO] Taking on Titleist – Golf Ball Roundtable

What happens when you get golf ball experts from competing manufactures in the same room?

Plenty of spirited conversation.

Dean Snell (Snell Golf), Adam Rehberg (Bridgestone), and Alan Hocknell (Callaway) sat down (virtually) with MyGolfSpy staff to discuss a variety of pertinent golf ball topics.

Titleist is the undisputed industry leader. But, it also means there’s a Texas-sized target on its back. So, what’s the game plan for Callaway and Bridgestone?

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Top Flite Gamer Golf Ball – A Cult Classic Returns to its Roots

2020 Top Flite Gamer – Key Takeaways

DICK’s returns the Top Flite Gamer returns to its roots as “the original multi-layer distance ball”Measured compression is similar to Titleist Velocity and Tour SpeedAt $22.99/dozen it cost significantly less than other “premium ionomer” golf balls

With the 2020 Top Flite Gamer on shelves at DICK’S Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy, I suppose we could say a classic fan favorite is back. The thing is, though, that many of you may not have noticed it was gone.

The original Top Flite Gamer developed a bit of a cult following among golfers. In 2017, however, DICK’S scrapped the Surlyn side of the Gamer’s family tree and decided to focus on the three-piece, urethane-covered Gamer Tour. While you may have lamented the loss of the original, at $25 a dozen the Gamer Tour was a solid bargain in the “kinda like a Pro V1” category that golfers on a budget find so attractive.

Unfortunately, DICK’S had some issues with its TPU cover process. The durability wasn’t what it should have been – and certainly not what golfers expected coming from the original Gamer. With the Maxfli Tour series more than meeting expectations, DICK’S decided to scrap the Top Flite Gamer Tour and return the Gamer to its roots.

The New Top Flite Gamer

To that end, the 2020 Top Flite gamer is a three-piece ionomer ball designed to compete for your attention in the emerging “Premium Ionomer” category. I’ll spare you a rehashing of my rant on why that term is an oxymoron and instead focus on what DICK’S hopes to achieve with the new ball.

A closeup of the Top Flite Gamer Golf Ball

Top Flite Gamer

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The Distance Debate Reignited | NPG 59

Titleist’s CNCPT irons are $500 a pop, Personal Launch Monitors are good but not great, and Bryson reignites the distance debate all on today’s episode of No Putts Given.

1:11 – Titleist holds nothing back, including the price tag on their new CNCPT irons.7:12 –  Our Most Wanted buyer’s guide for Personal Launch Monitors is out today15:38 –  Bryson reignites the distance debate, featuring Dr. Brandon Horvath25:47 – Practical solutions to the distance “problem” that don’t require rollbacks

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Launch monitors have become ubiquitous with the pros.  At every PGA TOUR event, you see a variety of launch monitors on the range. Foresight, TrackMan, and FlightScope are the leaders. Bryson DeChambeau, the 2020 U.S. Open champion, uses launch monitors from two brands to dial in his game.

Given that many of the best players in the world use these devices to drive both equipment and on-course decisions, it’s understandable that average golfers would be hungry to do the same.

Personal golf launch monitors are the Holy Grail for the average golfer looking to improve their golf game. Technology is developing rapidly, and personal launch monitors have improved over recent years. These gizmos might still need a few years to become more accurate and provide more data points, but they’re able to offer enough information to help you reasonably dial in your game, with your expectations managed.

The enterprise stuff is expensive … really expensive. But for $500, there are a number of pocket sized devices that offer plenty of data for a reasonable cost.

If you’re considering purchasing a personal launch monitor or want to see how these devices measure up, read on.

Most Accurate Personal Launch Monitor - Rapsodo

Best Tech - FlightScope Mevo Plus


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Shot Scope Case Study: Percentage of Fairways Hit

Fairways Hit and Proximity to Hole – Key Takeaways

Being farther back on a hole decreases your chance of hitting the green in regulation.The greater your approach distance, the greater the resulting proximity to the hole.The shorter the iron, the better the chance of hitting it closer to the pin.

Improved Performance Through Data

Big data is a powerful tool. Not only does it allow golfers to assess individual parts of the game but it provides an opportunity to examine performance from a variety of perspectives.

Golf stat tracking and performance management companies like Shot Scope help golfers better understand their on-course performance. However, by aggregating data from golfers around the world, we get a more complete picture of the realities of amateur performance.

So, as we dive into a relatively straightforward topic, think about where you find the most difficulty on the course. Does club choice make a difference in whether you hit the fairway?

Fairways Hit With Driver Versus 3-Wood


The average is 47 percent for both driver and 3-wood.Using a 3-wood provides only a 1- to 2-percent increase in fairways hit across all handicaps.

While using a 3-wood results in a very minor increase in fairways hit, there is an average loss of roughly 30 yards in distance.  As obvious as it may sound, being closer to the green means landing closer to the hole.

Longer Off the Tee is Beneficial


Percentage of fairways hit with driver and 3 wood
Average proximity to hole by club
Greens in regulation by club
Performance average distance by club and handicap (yards)

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Titleist CNCPT Irons – CP-03 and CP-04

Titleist CNCPT Irons – Key Takeaways

Titleist has introduced two new CNCPT iron models (CP-03 and CP-04).Both feature Super Metal L Face inserts and significant amounts of tungsten.The retail price is $500 per iron.

Titleist CNCPT Irons

The Titleist CNCPT iron series is a unique platform that allows the company to experiment with new materials and engineering techniques. The idea behind CNPT is to remove the cost barriers to innovation and challenge the design team to create things that can’t be created when the eventual retail price is a limiting factor.

Basically, the Titleist engineering team gets to go nuts and the products cost what they cost. In this case, $500 per iron.

Deep breaths, everybody.

Titlesit CNCPT CP03 and CP04 Irons

a photo of the TItleist CNCPT 03 Iron
And image of the face of the Titleist CNCPT CP03

The face of the Titleist CNCPT CP-04 Iron
A comparison of Titleist CNCPT Iron models at address
Titleist CNCPT Iron Specifications

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Ball Lab – 2019 TaylorMade TP5

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we’re taking a look at the TaylorMade TP5.  An overview of the equipment we use can be found here. To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

The TaylorMade TP5 is one of two TaylorMade premium Tour offerings. While the company traditionally offers secret menu balls to its PGA TOUR players, the TP5 is listed as being played by Rory, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler and others.

In this report, we share what we learned about the 2019 TaylorMade TP5 and let you know how it stacks up against other golf balls on the market. Finally, we’ll give you the True Price – how much it costs to get a dozen “good” golf balls.

About the TaylorMade TP5

A photo of TaylorMade TP5 golf balls

a photo of the core of the TaylorMade TP5 golf ball

TaylorMade TP5

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New Clubs or Lessons? | NPG 58

It’s an age old debate: Is it better to invest in new equipment or golf lessons? We tackle this topic and more on today’s NPG.

1:33 – With Callaway’s release of the Mack Daddy CB Wedge we ask, is it better to play cavity back wedges over blades?10:59 –  Our Most Wanted Rain Gear of 2020 has people wondering: Can rain gear really be worth $1000?20:35 –  Is it better to invest in new clubs or golf lessons?35:58 – Harry’s English Phrase of the Week37:05 – We announce the winner of last week’s headcover giveaway

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Cleveland RTX ZipCore: New Finishes, New Grinds

Cleveland RTX ZipCore – New Finishes Key Takeaways:

Cleveland adds two new finishes – Black Satin & Tour Rack (Raw) – to RTX ZipCore wedge lineCleveland is also adding 4 custom sole and 2 leading-edge grind options to the Tour Rack offeringPre-sale starts today, with retail availability October 2nd.

We have two stories to unpack with today’s update to the two-month-old Cleveland RTX ZipCore wedges. One was totally expected. The other is more of an interesting and pleasant surprise.

The party of the first part we knew was coming. When the Cleveland RTX ZipCore was released in July, the company promised two additional finishes later this year. The party of the second part, however, should be Christmas in September for the resolute Wedge Geek. For the first time since its MyCustomWedge days,  Cleveland is giving you the opportunity to custom order your preferred sole grind and your preferred leading edge.

We’ve already given you the deep dive into what makes ZipCore ZipCore, so we won’t belabor that point. Instead, let’s jump into what’s new, shall we?

Cleveland RTX ZipCore – Tour Rack?

Until now, the Cleveland RTX ZipCore has been available only in Tour Satin. Today we get two additional finishes: Black Satin and Tour Rack.

What, pray tell, is Tour Rack? We’ll get to that in a bit.

Cleveland RTX ZipCore

Cleveland RTX ZipCore

Cleveland RTX ZipCore

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Honma TR21X Irons – A New Player’s Distance Option

Honma TR21X Key Takeaways

The Honma TR21X is a new offering in the player’s distance categoryIt replaces the Honma T/World TW-X, MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Player’s Distance Iron of 2019.The TR21X is the most forgiving iron in the TR line.

Honma could use a fresh start and it is hoping the TR21X can deliver just that.

Like many of us, Honma has endured a bumpy 2020. The brand mutually parted ways with Justin Rose, leading to the predictable, though perhaps uninformed, speculation about the quality of the product. It launched its TR20 line only to see momentum and awareness lost to COVID and, somewhat quietly, CEO John Kawaja left the company.

Suffice it to say things didn’t go as planned but with the equipment season turning toward 2021, the launch of the TR21 lineup creates an opportunity for Honma to reinvigorate its brand and regain its footing as the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) brand most likely to succeed in North America.

An address view of the Honma 2021 irons
an image showing the unusual profile of the Honma TR21X Iron

Specifications for the Honma TR21X Irons

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Honma TR21 Fairway Woods and Hybrids

Honma TR21 Fairways and Hybrids – Key Takeaways

Honma has introduced new fairway woods and hybridsThe TR21 FTI Big LB is an oversized 3-wood designed for distanceThe TR21 F is a compact option designed for distance and controlTR21 Hybrids offer stronger lofts and more refined shapes

Within its TR21 lineup, Honma is pairing a big, distance oriented 3-Wood with compact offerings across all available lofts. It’s not an entirely unique approach to the fairway market, but with the majority of major manufacturers playing to the middle, Honma believes it has an opportunity to succeed on either side.

Honma TR21 FTi BIG-LB Fairway Wood

The TR21 FTi BIG-LB Fairway wood is a nod to Honma’s heritage and the age of persimmon drivers. Honma (and the BIG-LB) may be relatively new to you, but the company has been making golf clubs since 1959. It’s not a brand without history.

The original BIG-LB (the LB stands for Low Balance) was an oversized driver. The LB featured a partially hollowed out head. The cavity was injected with a resin composite, and a heavy steel soleplate was anchored to the sole. Even if designers didn’t fully understand the physics at the time, Honma knew that when you concentrated mass in the sole, good things happen.

Honma TR21 BIG-LB fairway wood
The tech that powers the Honma TR21 BIG-LB Fairway Wood
A view of the sole of the Honma TR21 F Fairway wood
an address view of the Honma TR21 F Fairway Wood
a view of the sole of the Honma TR21 H Hybrid
The address view of the Honma TR21 Hybrid
Honma Vizard shafts

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Testers Wanted (6) BirdieBall Putting Mats

The biggest knock on artificial putting greens is that they don’t roll like real putting greens.

BirdieBall believes it’s cracked the code. Using a proprietary foam material, it claimed status as MyGolfSpy’s  “Best Putting Mat 2020.”

Given the state of the world and trending consumer behavior, putting mats might become more popular than the 1990s “8-minute Abs” video.

Testers Wanted

We’re looking for six golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review of the BirdieBall putting mat and sharing your thoughts and grades with the MyGolfSpy forum community.

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The Spornia Golf Net: Birth of a Business

Spornia Golf Net – Key Takeaways

The Spornia Golf Net is MyGolfSpy’s Best Golf Practice Net runner-up for 2020.Spornia is a father-son company and has been making pop-up nets since the late ’90s.Spornia turned its back on lucrative OEM business to maintain high quality and focus on its own brand.

I’m willing to bet my entire collection of Jan Stephenson calendars that most of us weren’t even considering buying a golf practice net before last March. Then came COVID and suddenly nobody could find one.

California-based Spornia finished a close second in this spring’s MyGolfSpy Best Golf Practice Net Buyer’s Guide. The company is very much a Cinderella story, outta nowhere (sort of) to become a playah in the golf practice net game.

It’s fair to say most golfers hadn’t heard of Spornia before last spring. We want to take a closer look at this company, the father-son tandem that makes it tick and how it came to develop a unique pop-up style of golf practice net.

Buckle up, because it’s an interesting tale of a former high school baseball player, children’s tents and a pretty ballsy decision to say no to the Big Box stores.

Good Field-No Hit

Casey Cho was born and raised in South Korea and his first love – as far back as he can remember – is baseball.

Spornia golf net
Spornia golf net

Spornia golf net
Spornia golf net

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Junior Golf Clubs- A Parent’s Guide to Youth Golf Equipment

Have you ever tried to walk in cement shoes?

Chances are kids feel that way when trying to swing a golf club that isn’t right for them. When introducing kids to golf, parents often think they need to choose between proper instruction and good equipment.

The fact of the matter is, as an instructor, it is nearly impossible to help kids develop the proper foundation for their swing when the clubs aren’t right for them.

With all of the options available, finding the right set of junior golf clubs may feel daunting. It doesn’t have to be that way.

As a parent, the first thing you need to ask is: What is a realistic goal for my child and the game of golf? If you just want them to get out and swing a golf club with you without focusing on improving their swing mechanics, then Grandpa’s cut-down forged blades will suffice. If you are looking to get them started by learning the proper fundamentals, are considering registering them for a local junior golf program or camp or hoping they’ll learn enough about the game and their swing to play a round of golf with you, then start them off with clubs that will maximize those opportunities.

junior golf practice

a photo of EPEC junior golf clubs
Junior golf lessons at the Stephens golf center

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Ball Lab – 2020 Bridgestone Tour B XS

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we’re taking a look at the Bridgestone Tour B XS.  An overview of the equipment we use can be found here. To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

The Tour B XS is Tiger’s golf ball. While we probably don’t need to say much more than that, Tiger is almost certainly the reason why the Tour B XS is now neck and neck with Bridgestone’s traditional bestseller (Tour B RX) at retail.

In this report, we’ll give you the rundown on what we learned about the 2020 Tour B XS and let you know how it stacks up against other golf balls on the market. Finally, we’ll give you the True Price – how much it costs to get a dozen good golf balls.

About the 2020 Bridgestone Tour B XS

a photo of the Bridgestone Tour B XS including side stamp and cutaways.

an image of the core of the 2020 Bridgestone Tour B XS

Bridgestone Tour B XS

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Titleist TSI: New Drivers On Tour | NPG 57

Titleist teases their new TSI 2 + 3 Drivers as being played on tour. Plus, Dustin downplays his victory, and we read the best of the worst comments from Most Wanted Speakers.

0:48 – Chris’ Japanese Head Cover Collection3:54 –  Dustin Johnson wins the FedEx Cup with a somber celebration7:14 –  Titleist TSI 2 + 3 drivers appear on the USGA conforming list15:25 – Best of the Worst: Speaker Review Comments25:46 – Harry’s English Phrase: Double Feature

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Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

The Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge offers a perimeter-weighted cavity-back design. That alone differentiates it from the majority of specialty wedges on the market today.

If you play game-improvement irons and have never felt comfortable with blade-style wedges or you’ve gotten wise to the fact that your set-matching A, G, S or L wedges don’t spin worth a damn, you’re exactly who Callaway is hoping to reach with its new wedges.

Contradictions in the Wedge Market

You may have never considered this but the wedge space is rife with contradictions. They’re mostly of the industry’s own making. The topic has been covered before by Cleveland and Mizuno but the conversation is relevant again with Callaway entering the fray.

It’s indisputable that the majority of golfers plays game-improvement or super game-improvement irons. Equally true is that the overwhelming majority of wedges sold are blade designs like Vokey and Mack Daddy JAWS.

an image of the Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge
an image of the face of the Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge

an address view of the Callaway Mack Daddy CB Wedge
the Callaway Mack Daddy CB wedge in 56- and 60-degrees.

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Best Rain Gear of 2020


Golf rain gear continues to advance and improve in all facets: better flexibility, better waterproofing and, most importantly, better comfort. As a result, this is the toughest test we’ve had in the rain gear department to date. That said, there are a few secrets that made the best rain gear rise to the top.

Rain suits are expensive but if you buy the right one, you have it for life, as long as you take care of it. However, if you’re a baller on a budget, some offerings in this year’s test have you covered. Literally.

With all the choices, finding the perfect rain suit can be a bit overwhelming. That’s where we come in. We tested the top rain suits to ensure you have the best information available when it comes time to buy.

Whether you’re looking to buy a rain suit today, buying advice to get started or just want a closer look at what’s on the market, this guide will help you find the right rain gear to fit your needs.



There’s a rain suit for every climate. Those made for cooler climates trap body heat to keep you warm while others employ vents to keep it breezy. It’s personal preference but keep your climate in mind. Do you find yourself in humidity or freezing rain? That distinction can make a difference when it comes to choosing the right rain gear.

Most Comfortable Rain Suit - KJUS Dexter 2.5L Troyer

Most Waterproof Rain Suit - KJUS Pro 3L 2.0

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Testers Wanted (4) PING Heppler Putters

Feel is inherently subjective. And while it’s often part of the club buying decision, we don’t all experience it the same way. One golfer’s soft is another’s mushy. What one golfer describes as firm may be harsh to another.

For those firmly in the firm camp…yes that was intentional, the PING Heppler putter may be for you. Offered in the same models as the flagship Sigma line, Heppler offers a solid flat machined face that provides a firmer feel at impact. It’s bundled with a stunning black and copper finish that provide effective alignment cues.

Testers Wanted

We’re looking for four golfers who are motivated, detail-oriented, and committed to providing a thorough review of the PING Heppler putters and sharing your thoughts and grades with the MyGolfSpy forum community.

Testing is open to golfers in the US, Canada and UK.

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The Nippon Zelos Story: Steel For Life Lite

Nippon Zelos Story: Steel For Life Lite Key Takeaways

Lightweight steel can match lightweight graphite virtually gram for gramNippon Zelos is the lightest constant-weight steel shaft in golf – light like graphite but plays like steelProprietary steel and unique heat treatment makes Zelos both light and durable

Since its inception in 1959, the Nippon Shaft mantra has been Steel For Life. In 1999, Nippon added “light” to the steel equation with the 950 GH. It was the industry’s very first sub 100-gram constant-weight steel shaft. Since then, Nippon has released more light hits than Air Supply. That light quest culminated in 2013 with the Nippon Zelos line – the lightest steel shafts you can buy.

The very existence of Zelos poses many questions. The first is obvious: If you want to go that light, why not just go graphite? But the deeper you dig, the more interesting the questions become. How will steel shafts in the 68- to 84-gram range feel and perform? How would they perform differently from a premium lightweight graphite shaft? And how the heck can you make a steel shaft that light that will actually stand up to repeated ball striking?

All fair questions. And we laid them right on Nippon’s doorstep. We think you’ll find the answers interesting.

Nippon: The Anti-Heavy Metal

The Nippon 950 GH was a true game-changer for Nippon when it arrived. As mentioned, it was the lightest constant-weight shaft on the market at the time, ranging from 104 grams in X-Flex to 94.5 grams in R-Flex. The 950 was so successful that it prompted Nippon to go lighter still with the 850 GH (87 grams in R-flex, 91 grams in X-flex) and ultimately the 750 GH (79 grams R-flex, 83 grams S-flex).

“Even though it’s a lightweight product, it doesn’t play like a lightweight shaft at all,” says Hiro Fukuda, Sales and Marketing Director for Nippon Shaft. “It’s quite firm feeling, actually.”

Nippon Zelos
Nippon Zelos
Nippon Zelos


Nippon Zelos
Nippon Zelos

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