Davis Love Discovers His Inner Analyst When Explaining Why Davis Love Struggled As An Analyst

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This kind of analysis of Davis Love’s brief CBS stint might have made fans more appreciative of the Hall of Famer’s short TV career.

Rex Hoggard talks to Love about the end of his CBS stint.

“Go back to the four West Coast events and I got off to a rough start and it just wasn’t working for me,” Love said. “I found the mechanics hard and being entertaining was hard. It’s kind of like you’re hitting it bad and you start getting worse and worse and worse. I was surprised how nervous I was.”

Ah we never noticed. Well, some of us.

“I found out that it was a lot harder than I thought,” Love said. “We kind of had a perfect storm with [CBS lead producer Lance Barrow] leaving and my situation at home with the fire and coronavirus. Nothing was normal and I’m trying to learn a business when nothing is normal.”

Brilliant. Where was that? Oh right, golf on TV makes it hard for this kind of analysis to shine.

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