Guardian Management of Handicap

Guardian Management of Handicap


Beginning in January 2021, digital profiles will be required for all golfers accessing the GHIN Mobile App and

Per the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), golfers designated as minors (under 13 years of age) will not be able to provide an email address, create a digital profile, or directly access GHIN Golfer Products (Kiosk, GHIN Mobile App,  Their profile must be linked to a guardian who can access the products and post on their behalf.  A minor is defined as a golfer who is under 13 years of age per the date of birth in their golfer profile.

The Guardian Management program will be introduced in mid-October to provide adequate time to link a guardian to each minor before digital profiles are introduced in January 2021.

Included below are suggestions as to how you and your clubs can prepare for this change to minimize disruption.

Ensure your clubs are aware of the requirement and plan to introduce Guardian Management next month. Encourage your clubs to get a head start by collecting guardian information as they interact with golfers. The following information should be collected for each minor: GHIN Number for Guardian (if available) – the guardian does not have to be a GHIN member Guardian’s first and last name Email address of Guardian Guardian’s relationship to minor (e.g. parent, coach) Golfers who are incorrectly designated as minors in the system (e.g. standard golfers with an incorrect date of birth) will not be able to provide an email address to create a digital profile or access golfer products. Work with your clubs to review their rosters to ensure all birthdates are up to date in GHIN using the Roster Report (Template Reports) or Age Standard Report (Advanced Reporting).


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