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Our Job is Your Game

It has been 704 days since our last Most Wanted Wedge Test. You might be saying, “It’s about DAMNED time!” Yeah, we know …

With 23 models and 17,480 shots (including some in wet conditions), this is the most comprehensive wedge test of the season.

At MyGolfSpy, our job is to provide independent, unbiased and objective testing so you can make more confident purchasing decisions. We hope our 2021 Most Wanted Wedge Test is an indispensable guide for the off-the-rack buyer or for anyone looking for insight before their next fitting.

About the 2021 Most Wanted Wedge Test

For our 2021 wedge test, 20 golfers tested 56-degree wedges on full swings as well as 50-yard shots in both wet and dry conditions. Using Foresight GCQuad Launch monitors and Titleist Pro V1 balls, we collected data on more than 17,000 shots.

2021 Most Wanted Wedge

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Ball Lab: Maxfli Tour Review

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today we’re evaluating the Maxfli Tour. For more information, visit our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

About the Maxfli Tour

The Maxfli Tour is the second generation of Maxfli’s three-piece Tour-level offering. For the uninitiated, Maxfli is a house brand for DICK’S Sporting Goods/Golf Galaxy, though the ball is also available through Golfworks. Given the near exclusivity of retail availability and the $35 price point, it’s reasonable to think of Maxfli Tour alongside other premium direct-to-consumer offerings like Snell, Vice and OnCore. Notably, the Maxfli Tour is manufactured by Foremost in Taiwan. It’s the same factory that procures balls for Vice and OnCore. It also manufactures balls for Wilson and TaylorMade. While the dimple pattern is the stock 318-dimple design common to many Foremost-made balls, the rest of the ball is proprietary to Maxfli.

One point of distinction for Maxfli’s Tour series is the inclusion of CG Balancing technology. While Foremost balls are generally well made, Maxfli understands that absolute perfection in ball manufacturing is unattainable so by running every ball through the equivalent of an industrial-strength check-go-pro and putting the side stamp where the ball is perfectly balanced, golfers have the opportunity to hit straighter drives. We haven’t specifically tested the technology though it’s worth mentioning that when we’ve done robot testing on the Maxfli Tour line, it has performed admirably, even without aligning impact with the side stamp.

Maxfli Tour — Compression

an image of 2021 Maxfli Tour Golf Balls

a compression chart for the Maxfli Tour golf ball

a photo of the core of the 2021 Maxfli Tour Golf ball

a chart showing the consistency of the Maxfli Tour golf ball
a chart depicting the overall score of 85 for the 2021 Maxfli Tour CG Golf ball
Maxfli Tour Golf Ball

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2021 Iron Satisfaction Survey

A few months back, we asked you to tell us about how satisfied you are with your current driver. This time around, we want to dig a little deeper to understand how happy you are with the irons you’re playing right now.

We want to know what you’re playing, if you were fitted for it and how well the irons have met your expectations. As we again look for correlations within the data, we expect the results will be enlightening.

Do golfers who get fitted see better results on the course? Are owners of certain brands more satisfied with their irons than others?

Those are exactly the kind of answers we hope to find.

Click here to take the survey.

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7 Reasons Why Range Balls Shouldn’t Be A Part of Your Next Fitting

Don’t get fitted for golf clubs using range balls. It’s something we say all of the time. To some extent, the reasons are obvious. Even if you’re not immediately aware of the performance differences between a range ball and premium offerings, you’ve almost certainly figured out that range balls feel hard as rocks, are uncomfortably loud off the driver and are often in trash condition.

Save the occasional uncomfortable water carry where risking a Pro V1 just doesn’t make sense, most of us would never think of playing golf with a range ball.

So, at the risk of asking the obvious: If you don’t play golf with a range ball, why would you get fitted using one?

The idea that you should get dialed in with the ball you actually play is exactly why we recommend you get fitted with the ball you play. When that’s not possible, we’d suggest using a ball that’s like the one you play. And, yeah, if it happens that a range ball is like the ball you play, we’d politely suggest getting a new ball.

an image of Pinnacle practice/range balls

a graphic showing the difference in spin between a premium ball and a range ball off wedges

the thick outer cover (pictured) is just one reason why you shouldn't get fit with range balls.

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There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised.

What We Tried

The MNML Golf MV2 stand bag.

Product Expert

Hi, I’m Harry and I am a professional golf equipment tester. (Yes, they exist.) I actually test a lot of things at MyGolfSpy and play professionally when I’m not checking and comparing specs on gloves, rangefinders, bags, ball retrievers, etc. You can call me the Director of Product Testing here at MGS. You can also just call me Harry. That’s fine, too.

What is MNML Golf?

MNML Golf is a relatively new golf bag company based in Manhattan Beach, Calif. As you can imagine, owner Sam Goulden is a super laid-back, easy-going guy. However, his passion for his golf stand bag is anything but laid back. He wants to get rid of all the clutter that golf bags have and strip it down to the essentials. Enter the MNML MV2 golf stand bag.

The MNML MV2 golf stand bag might seem like another everyday golf bag. However, with a few hidden surprises, that isn’t the case. The MV2 comes with three magnetic pockets which isn’t unusual but they’re stronger than any magnetic pocket I’ve come across. This makes it incredibly easy to get into the pockets without messing around with jammed zippers. It also comes with a Bluetooth speaker and solar panel portable charger to ensure you don’t lose your phone’s battery—or music for that matter. Neat, huh?


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Mizuno T22 Wedge

Mizuno Golf announces the new T22 wedge line.The T22 wedge features a smaller profile and is geared toward the better player.The T22 wedges are available in four grinds, three finishes, and thirteen loft/bounce optionsMSRP is $159.95 – Available 10/14

Today, Mizuno Golf unveiled a new wedge line, the T22. While Mizuno’s buttery-forged irons cause much of the golfing public to view Mizuno as the iron company, many of these same golfers do not approach Mizuno’s other club offerings with the same adoration. It’s tragic, as having such a myopic view of Mizuno could cause you to miss some of the best wedges in the marketplace.

The sad irony in the Mizuno story is that, for a run of years, its success in the iron category, left it pigeon-holed as only iron company. It’s the classic beloved actor who wants to be a musician story. People want actors to only be actors. It’s tough for fans to accept recategorization, especially when the excellent actor proves to be only an average musician.

With every non-iron release, Mizuno must prove to the golfing consumer that they are more Jamie Foxx than Lindsay Lohan.

The truth is that Mizuno is one hell of a wedge maker, having one of the most impressive Most Wanted Wedge pedigrees. In 2017, the Mizuno T7 wedge placed first overall, then the S18 and T20 wedges placing second overall in 2018 and 2019 respectively. It’s shocking (shocking, I say) that a company known for producing the best forged irons in the business would also produce the best forged wedges. Yes, that was sarcasm.


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Mizuno ST-G 220 Driver

Key Takeaways

Mizuno to release a new ST-G 220 Driver with adjustable weightsAvailable at retail in OctoberMSRP $500

Chasing higher ball speeds across a driver face using adjustable weights to control spin and shot shape sometimes gets accomplished at the expense of a sacrificial lamb: FEEL. No getting around it.

Impact feedback can get altered dramatically with a couple twists and tweaks of a driver wrench. Try for a slightly different launch window and that nice dense sound/feel you’re accustomed to, well, it can turn kind of foreign. Especially on off centre strikes.

Mizuno’s new ST-G 220 driver is designed with more wrench torques in mind. Actually, a lot more. Engineered with a trio of shorter lateral weight tracks and a pair of moveable center/back weight ports the next generation ST model maintains impact feel however it is set up. You could never say that about adjustable Mizuno drivers of the past. Still plenty long but some…..well, let’s just say they weren’t exactly a concert hall of sound/feel dynamics. Or at the very least they were inconsistent in that department.

Not this one.

Sound/Feel Profiling

Sound profile and innovation has made quantum leaps from where it was even a decade ago. Computer acoustics software is as integral to driver design these days as looks in the address position and game improvement technology. That, of course, is due not only to modern driver volumes (460cc max) but also the (multi) materials used for construction, head shape, and adjustability function.

adjustable weights
st-g 220
st-g 220
st-g 220
st-g 220

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Testers Wanted: Odyssey White Hot OG

Want a chance to test this years MOST WANTED winner?

Odyssey White Hot OG brings back the iconic White Hot Putter face insert! Classic models such as the Odyssey #1 and Odyssey #7, as well as the legendary Odyssey 2-Ball model are available with the White Hot insert, along with numerous others to fit the preferred putter style of each golfer. With the most decorated putter insert of all time, comes a rich silver PVD finish on the putter head, along with a fine milling across each White Hot OG putter face.

The renowned urethane cover played by countless Tour pros will undoubtedly improve the feel and touch of the putter on the golf course. Multiple shaft options are available within the Odyssey White Hot OG Putter Family, including the multi-material Stroke Lab putter shaft to ease the difficulty of making a solid putting stroke every time. Roll in more putts on the greens, and circle eagles and birdies on the scorecard with a new Odyssey White Hot OG Putter!


We’re looking for 4 testers to try the Odyssey White Hot OG and report back.

Any OG Model is up for testing, including Stroke Lab variants.

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Top 5 Golf Trip Deals for Your Next Golf Trip

For some, the “golf trip” is an annual circle on the calendar they plan their year around and for others rare opportunity to combine golf and travel. Either way, the change to get out and play golf away from everything, together with friends and family is something all golfers should experience. That said, planning a golf trip can be a monumental task with many questions:

Where to go?What courses to play?Where to stay?How much is this all going to cost?

That last question is of great importance to a lot of people. To simplify the process and help golfers create a memorable trip without breaking the bank, we’ve asked Golfbreaks, the official golf travel partner of the PGA Tour, for the best deals for top golf destinations. Here are the top five trips and the best times to get your golf trip deals.

1. La Quinta Resort & Club at PGA WEST, Palm Springs

3 nights and 3 rounds at PGA WEST (1 x Stadium, 1 x Norman, Mountain or Nicklaus, 1 x Dunes)

2nd half Sept prices from $499 (35% discount from October rates)

Officially, golf in Palm Springs can be played year round, but the summer heat can it unbearable for much of June through August. Late September can provide lower temperatures but still avoid the peak rates in October. While the Stadium course at PGA West is the headliner, all courses provide great golf trip deal experiences and the La Quinta Resort a comfortable place to come back to after the round.

$769 / $499 (35% OFF)

La Quinta Resort & Club at PGA WEST, Palm Springs
Scottsdale Golf Tour staying at HYATT House Old Town Scottsdale golf trip deals
Boulders Resort & Spa, Scottsdale golf trip deals
Sawgrass Marriot Golf Resort & Spa golf trip deals
Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge golf trip deals

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Top 10 Takeaways: A Look Inside Fujikura’s R&D Process

MyGolfSpy recently visited the North American HQ and R&D laboratory of shaft manufacturer Fujikura. The objective was simple: take a peek behind the curtain and get an unvarnished look at how the brand creates a shaft, from ideation to the final, consumer-ready version. It’s difficult to capture everything in a single piece of content, so we didn’t. However, what we did discover is that while the shaft industry has plenty of smoke and mirrors, clear differences exist between brands.

For Fujikura, a good bit of that distinction starts with ENSO, its proprietary 3D motion capture system. We’ll take a deeper dive into ENSO in a separate article. In addition, keep an eye on social media for our video segments featuring Fujikura’s “Torture Rack” and the various steps in the shaft production process.

Then, there are always tidbits of useful information that come up in casual conversation which merit some additional attention.

With that, here is a collection of 10 such items to keep in mind when buying or getting fitted for a new shaft.


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Cleveland Launcher XL Irons: Go Big, Part IV

Cleveland Launcher XL Irons – Key Takeaways

Cleveland Launcher XL replaces two-year-old UHX game improvement ironsA.I. designed Mainframe face and optimized CG/MOI$799.99 steel, $899.99 graphite, available September 17th

The new Cleveland Launcher XL irons are the fourth and final installment of Cleveland’s rather unique 2021-2022 equipment release. Rather than announce the new lineup all at once, Cleveland chose to spread the driver, fairway woods and iron set launches out over a five-week period.

Hey, four blog posts are better than one or two, amiright?

There may be a method to Cleveland’s madness, however. The Launcher XL Halo fairway wood ranked fourth overall in last month’s Most Wanted testing (its older cousin, the Srixon ZX, lapped the field), while the XL Halo hybrid irons are a high performing Cleveland staple. And the Launcher XL driver is proving to be a late-season revelation, at least in my bag.

But the Launcher XL irons? They may wind up being the surprise of the bunch.

Cleveland Launcher XL Irons

The new Launcher XL irons replace the two-year-old UHX game improvement irons in the Cleveland lineup. In last year’s Most Wanted testing, the UHX was a solid performer.  They finished eighth overall, with the mid-irons finishing second in terms of strokes gained.

Cleveland Launcher XL irons
Cleveland Launcher XL irons
Cleveland Launcher XL irons

Cleveland Launcher XL irons

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Are we running out of golf balls? | NPG 93

Golf manufacturers are feeling the squeeze from material shortages and skyrocketing shipping costs. Is the ball that you play on the chopping block?

0:17 – Is there an upcoming golf ball shortage?5:28 – Shipping costs, material shortages to blame8:41 – When will golfers feel the effects?10:26 – More reasons not to play refurbished balls13:30 – The Most Wanted Bottle Buyer’s Guide20:44 – MAILBAG!: New limits on driver shaft lengths?26:31 – What’s in Tony’s bag, maybe

Watch Now

Also available on:


and all major podcast apps.


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We Tried It: The Oura Ring

There is a lot of cool gear in the golf equipment world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised.

What We Tried

The Oura Ring

The Ring Bearer

Dave Wolfe – MyGolfSpy writer and putter fanatic. I am always looking for ways to improve my game and fight off the impact of aging.

Does Sleep Affect Your Score?

How’s your sleep these days?  Do you wake up feeling rested? Did you have sweet dreams or did you have that recurring math test nightmare? Is coffee the only way that you even function in the morning?

Sleep is a hardwired human activity yet it is an activity that many of us truly don’t understand. We usually assess sleep in a very qualitative way. All of us have all tried to get a “good” night of sleep before a big day and have all felt exhausted after “bad” night of sleep.. Even if we can’t quantify sleep scientifically, we have all experienced the wide-ranging effects of our sleep cycles.


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Top U.S. Golf Courses By Region – Southeast

Top U.S. Golf Courses by Region

Fundamentally, ranking golf courses is a subjective exercise. Better players often prefer more challenging layouts. Less skilled golfers might appreciate wider fairways with fewer forced carries.

That said, the validity of any individual review isn’t tied to whether that golfer has a degree in golf course architecture or a preference for certain types of grasses.

If you’re a golfer, your opinion matters.

To build our list of the best golf destinations, we turned to TheGrint and to real golfers just like you.


To generate our rankings, we leveraged data from TheGrint, a golf handicap and stat-tracking service that also allows golfers to rate the courses they play. Think of it as something similar to Yelp for golf courses.


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Testers Wanted – Sub 70 849 Pro Driver

Sub 70 is the #1 Direct to Consumer golf company according to MyGolfSpy readers. This is due, in part, to the high-quality/low-cost nature of its equipment portfolio. And with the addition of the better-player-focused, 849 Pro driver, the company continues to update its resume with golf gear designed for lower handicap players.

The Sub 70 849 Pro driver is 450cc (10 cc less than the legal maximum) and fade-biased. In addition, the849 Pro comes with a weight kit and is adjustable seven ways to Sunday. Each head can be adjusted two degrees up or down in 0.5- to 0.75-degree increments. At its lowest loft setting, the face angle sits 4.5 degrees open and, as you loft up, it reaches 3.5 degrees closed. It has three sole weights: a 12-gram weight in the rear and two three-gram weights in the heel and toe. The weight kit includes a six-, eight- and 10-gram weight, allowing you to adjust further for shot shape and launch.

With all of that said, we’d like to get feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.


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Sub 70 Golf Update: New Additions and a Look Forward

Sub 70 Golf Update – Key Takeaways

New releases from this summer include the 700 super game-improvement irons.The company has also added five new putters and the new 849 Pro driver.A draw-biased version comes out this fall along with a new line of fairway woods.

Three years into its journey, Sub 70 Golf is knee-deep in idioms.

You could say the company is hitting its stride and is on a roll. It’s been growing by leaps and bounds as savvy, bargain-hunting golfers jump on the bandwagon. And while it’s not king of the hill, it does find itself ahead of the curve.

But there’s a problem with idioms. As figures of speech go, they set the table but don’t tell the whole story. Sub 70 Golf has firmly established itself as both a performance-driven and a price/value alternative to the major OEMs. The last 19 months have been crazier than anyone could have possibly imagined and Sub 70 has dealt with its fair share of challenges.

And despite a worldwide pandemic, a global supply chain crisis and unprecedented increases in shipping costs, Sub 70 continues expanding and updating its product arsenal.

Which just goes to show, a smooth sea has never made a skilled sailor.

Sub 70 Golf
Sub 70 Golf

Sub 70 Golf
Sub 70 Golf
Sub 70 Golf

Sub 70 Golf

Sub 70 Golf

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Wherever you may be in the world, there’s one item that you always need to survive and that’s a water bottle.

I know you may think we have lost the plot at MyGolfSpy by testing water bottles but what if I told you 480 billion plastic water bottles were sold in 2019 according to BioPlastics.com? That’s nearly one million bottles sold every minute.

As the environmentally conscious among us try to rely less on single-use plastics, the water bottle industry is booming. Not just in golf but the same bottle is being used for your morning coffee, lunch drink and even at dinner.

So we had to test them to provide you with the best water bottle information in 2021.

Whether you’re looking to buy a Water Bottle today, some buying advice to get started or just want a closer look at what’s on the market, this guide will help you find the right bottle to fit your needs.



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ECCO GOLF has been making a lot of progress in Most Wanted shoe testing. The S Hybrid finished in the top 10 in the Spikeless test in 2021. Now they have come out with their newest shoe, the GOLF CORE.

The GOLF CORE comes in three color options with a style that fits the current trend in the Spikeless category. You guessed it, a sneaker-style.

ECCO has incorporated E-DTS TWIST and ECCO’s DYNAMIC TRACTION SYSTEM outsole which has traction bars that have been enlarged and rotated for durability and multi-directional traction. But what does that mean? Short answer is, it supposedly gives you better grip and stability throughout the shoe, keeping you more grounded. I will be checking these claims in next years 2022 Most Wanted Spikeless Shoe test to see if they do exactly what they say on the tin.

ECCO has also updated their current lines with new color options to keep things fresh.

Check out the NEW GOLF CORE and multiple color options in their existing line up today!


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Training Aid Survey

There are thousands, probably tens of thousands, of golf training aids on the market. That’s probably too many to count and definitely too many to list so as we seek to understand what can actually help golfers play better, we need to narrow the field a bit.

In the past, we’ve asked you to take a one-word survey. Today, we’re asking you to take a one-question survey.  Tell us what training aids you’re using.

That’s it. That’s the whole survey. You can list up to 10. To make it easier for us to process the data, please follow the provided link to answer the question.

At some point, we’ll dig deeper to better understand your experience with the most popular training aids on the market but, for now, we just want to know what you’re using.

Click Here to Take the Survey

Thanks in advance for helping us out.

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Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot Golf Ball – Limited Release

Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot is available today in limited quantities.Left Dot is a lower-flying, lower-spinning version of the Pro V1.$49.99 while supplies last

Here we go again … kinda. As it did two years ago with Pro V1x Left Dash, Titleist is taking the Pro V1 Left Dot—previously a secret menu, Tour-only, CPO (custom performance option) golf ball—and offering it to the public.

My use of “kinda” speaks to the fact that, unlike Left Dash which now is part of the retail lineup, Left Dot is a limited-run experiment. It’s here today but in the most literal of senses, you can bank on it being gone tomorrow.

To that end, you won’t find Pro V1 Left Dot on retail shelves. It’s being sold almost exclusively through Titleist.com. Titleist sales reps have small allocations as well, so if you know a guy, I’d put in a call now.

Seriously, if you’re even a little curious about Left Dot, get yours now. This story can wait. Come back and read the rest of this after you’ve secured your stash.

A close of the sidestamp on the Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot golf ball
an image of Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot golf balls.

a photo showing the core of the Titleist Pro V1 Left Dot golf ball

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