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Whether the relationship is correlative or causal, increased distance and lower scores are inextricably linked.

And whether the topic is biomechanics, flexibility, sequencing or anything else, the common denominator is speed. As in swing speed.

Though the market now features a variety of relatively similar products, it’s fair to suggest SuperSpeed created the mousetrap upon which others are trying to improve.

What is SuperSpeed?

A quick refresher. SuperSpeed Golf believes its OverSpeed training system has benefits for any level of golfer. The basic premise is that every player can access more speed than he/she currently has because of how our brain receives and communicates certain information.

In plain English: Swinging a training stick faster than normal causes your brain to remember this faster speed—even start expecting it.

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2021 Push Cart Buyer’s Guide

In North America particularly, push carts (known as “trolleys” on the other side of the Atlantic) have never really been as popular as they have in the rest of the world. But when COVID-19 hit, walking the course became more popular and, along with that trend, came an increased interest in push carts over here.

In 2021, we tested as many push carts as we could get our hands on. They come in all shape and sizes. Features range from pivoting front wheels for easy maneuverability to a wide base that ensures your cart and bag are as stable as possible. Hell, throw in winter tires and an ability to pimp out your cart with accessories and you might get the anti-push cart mafia to turn to the light!

Whether you’re ready to buy a golf push cart today, want some buying advice to help you find the right cart or just want a closer look at what’s on the market, this guide will help you find what you’re looking for.


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If you want a push cart that will get you from A to B with little to no effort, go for the Rovic RV1S. It comes with a 360-degree swiveling front wheel for a super-tight turning radius, a treasure trove of accessories, a wide wheelbase for every terrain and much more. The Clicgear Rovic RV1S is known for its durability. Throw in a three-year warranty and you have the winner of the 2021 Most Wanted Push Cart Test.

7th in stability1st in durability1st in features1st in maneuverability2nd in folded size


Small car? Small garage? No problem for the Big Max Blade IP. Its primary feature is its ability to fold up not much thicker than the width of your hand. It's so compact it will easily fit behind your seat, with room to spare. The Quattro also secures your bag upright and prevents twisting.



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Ball Lab: TaylorMade TP5x Review

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we’re taking a look at the 2021 TaylorMade TP5x. An overview of the equipment we use can be found here. To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

About the TaylorMade TP5x

Of the two balls in the current TP5 retail family, the TaylorMade TP5x is billed as the higher-launching and lower-spinning. It’s also the firmer of the two though it’s not as firm as it used to be. A point of emphasis in the design of the new models was to remove any reasons not directly related to performance for golfers to choose one ball over the other.

The TP5 remains the only five-piece ball on the market from a major manufacturer. While its competitors would no doubt dispute it, TaylorMade’s position is that more layers provide greater opportunity to tune spin performance throughout the bag.

The manufacturing story remains a bit non-standard. You might even say odd. The cores and inner mantle layers are produced in Taiwan. The nearly finished balls are shipped to TaylorMade’s U.S.A. plant where covers are put on.

an image of 2021 TaylorMade TP5x Golf Balls

a chart showing the compression value of the 2021 TaylorMade TP5x

a photo of the core of the 2021 TaylorMade TP5x golf ball

a consistency chart for the 2021 TaylorMade TP5x golf ball

TaylorMade TP5x

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Bettinardi Partners With Malbon Golf

Bettinardi and Malbon Golf have collaborated to produce some dual-branded products.The release includes hats, shirts, headcovers, ball markers and limited-run putters.Products will be available on Thursday, May 13, at noon CST.

Tomorrow marks the release of a new collaboration between Bettinardi and Malbon Golf. While most of you are familiar with Bettinardi, that may not be the case with the newer Malbon Golf. At the risk of oversimplifying, Malbon Golf is a golf lifestyle brand geared toward the more youthful demographic.

According to the Malbon Golf site, “culture and golf enthusiasts Stephen and Erica Malbon” started Malbon Golf in 2017. As you peruse their offerings, it is obvious their target audience is on the younger side. These youthful golfers also likely fully embrace the modern social media-driven culture. Targeting this demographic is intentional. Their site says, “Our mission is simple: to inspire today’s youth to participate in the greatest game on Earth.”

.truegolffit-banner-inner-right { padding-top: calc(574/1020 * (100% - 430px)); } @media screen and (max-width: 991px) { .truegolffit-banner-inner-right { padding-top: calc(574/1020 * 100%); width: 100%; } }


Unbiased. No Guesswork. All Major Brands. Matched To Your Swing. Advanced Golf Analytics matches the perfect clubs to your exact swing using connected data and machine learning.


So how does Malbon Golf connect to Bettinardi?

“Both our companies have mutual respect for the game, especially in terms of helping grow the game. My father and I investing in the inner city with The First Tee-Greater Chicago and, of course Malbon, with their events and programs, it’s been great to launch our first collaboration and look for future exciting products/events to bring both our loyal and growing customer base.”


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Should retailers start charging for demos? Ft. Bob Parsons | NPG 82

PXG founder Bob Parsons joins us today with his take on the future of golf retail and how PXG is adapting their approach to selling clubs.

0:52 – An unorthodox approach to golf ads3:40 – Some retailers are reportedly charging customers to demo clubs11:29 – Could the solution be as simple as providing demo sets?19:08 – Does PXG have what it takes to be #1?24:39 – What does the game of golf look like in a year?30:32 – What’s PXG doing differently than the big 5?38:33 – The origin of “Parsons Xtreme Golf”39:44 – Bob’s favorite club & his philanthropic efforts45:07 – Ask Bob: What was your most difficult business venture?

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TaylorMade Sold!

TaylorMade Sold – Key Takeaways:

Breaking News: TaylorMade sold to a Korean Private Equity firm for $1.6 billion.KPS Financial bought TaylorMade from adidas in 2017 for $425 million.Sold comes amidst reports of the highest industry-wide Q1 golf equipment sales on record.

We’re hearing rumblings this morning the rumored sale of TaylorMade is now a reality. Today’s Korea Economic Daily Global Edition is reporting that TaylorMade has been sold to Centroid Investment Partners, a Korean Private Equity firm for $1.6 billion.

The newspaper reports it is the largest-ever acquisition in the golf industry. The deal is expected to be finalized in July.

$1.6 billion is a hefty price tag. KPS Financial LP, a New York-based private equity firm, purchased TaylorMade, Adams and Ashworth from adidas four years ago for $425 million. At the time, it was believed KPS would streamline and restructure TaylorMade with an eye towards selling it at a tidy profit.

We’d say $1.6 billion – roughly four times the original investment – qualifies as mission accomplished.

TaylorMade Sold: Four Years Under KPS

Reports that TaylorMade was on the block first surfaced this past February. The New York Times reported the asking price would be in the $2 billion range.

TaylorMade Sold
TaylorMade Sold

Three taylormade P770 Irons that will be Reviewed

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2021 Golf Ball Survey

As we look for ways to keep the ball rolling and leverage our Ball Lab to provide insights into the too-often overlooked golf ball category, we again wanted to step back and listen to what you have to say about the golf ball.

This 2021 iteration of our  Golf Ball Survey is an opportunity for us to learn about your buying (and playing) habits. In addition to taking the survey, feel free to share additional thoughts on all things golf ball in the comment section.

Oh … for those of you who have been asking, yes, another robot ball test is in the works for this summer. Stay tuned for details.

Take the Survey

Click here to take the survey.

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Testers Wanted: Callaway Epic Driver

Four Testers Wanted

* Two for the Epic Speed

* Two for the Epic Max LS

The Epic Max LS was named MyGolfSpy’s Most Wanted Driver of 2021. 

Here’s the chance for you to test, review and keep one of these drivers. 

Enter by clicking this Callaway Epic Driver testing thread in the forum. 

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Best Full Bag Under $1500

Golf has unquestionably been on the upswing over the past year. Countless people have taken up the game for the first time or returned after an absence. While a boxed set or a few decades-old clubs from the garage might have been good enough to get started, it’s understandable that many of these golfers might be looking for an upgrade.

Club shopping these days can come with a serious amount of sticker shock. With the 2021 MOST WANTED DRIVER models running $500+ in most cases and iron sets around $1200, you can easily be looking at a $3000 investment once you add in woods, wedges, a putter and a bag. There is definitely a space, however, for golfers who want modern, quality clubs but at a budget half that.

By going through the 2019 and 2020 Most Wanted top performers and searching online golf markets, this article looks to find the best full bag you can build for under $1500.


Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero

The 2019 MOST WANTED DRIVER winner definitely provides a good option for building a bag on a budget. That year, the Epic Flash Sub Zero ranked 1st in strokes gained and fairway accuracy as well as 2nd in total distance. The Epic Flash features similar tech to the current 2021 MOST WANTED DRIVER Epic Max LS including Flash Face and Jailbreak Technology. Consistently available in a variety of options at around $250, it is a strong contender for the top of our budget bag.

Check Price -NEW

Best Drivers for 2020 - PING G410 LST

A photo of the Tour Edge Exotics EXS220

2021 Tommy Armour Impact No. 1 Putter

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Fujikura MC Putter Shafts

The Fujikura MC Putter is the second generation of the company’s putter shaft line.It’s available in three distinct flex profiles to fit a variety of putting strokes.Retail price is $250.

The graphite/composite/multi-material—whatever you want to call it—putter shaft is far from ubiquitous but things are changing. Callaway nearly made it mainstream with Stroke Lab. Bryson has 14 graphite shafts in the bag, including an LA Golf Partners putter shaft. Yours Truly is playing the BGT Tour in my putter. Mitsubishi has a couple of options, too, and the more recent addition to the growing cadre of alternatives to steel for your putter is the second generation of MC Putter shaft from Fujikura.

While it may not come with a side of fries or a plastic toy, the MC Putter is yet another option that suggests that maybe, just maybe, the future of shafts is graphite.

Why Graphite?

Before we dig into specifics, we should probably rewind a bit to talk about why you might want a graphite putter shaft.

an image of the three shafts in the Fujikura MC Putter lineup.

an image of the tip section of the Fujikura MC Putter shaft
an image of the butt section of the Fujikura MC Putter Shaft

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Ball Lab – Srixon Z-Star XV Review

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we’re taking a look at the 2021 Srixon Z-Star XV. An overview of the equipment we use can be found here. To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

With two models reviewed previously (and two others fully measured), Srixon is proving to be hit or miss in our Ball Lab tests. It’s fair to say the Q-Star Tour failed to live up to expectations while the prior-generation of Z-Star proved to be more in line with what golfers expect from Srixon. As we continue to measure Srixon golf balls, we’ve noticed some patterns across multiple models (detailed within).

Suffice it to say that while many of you love Srixon, we’re not entirely without some concerns.

About the Srixon Z-Star XV

The Srixon Z-Star XV is a four-piece golf with a urethane cover. It’s the firmer of Srixon’s two Tour offerings and, with the release of the new models, the compression gap between the two has grown.

a photo of Srixon Z-Star XV Golf balls

the core of a 2021 Srixon Z-Star XV 7th generation golf ball
a chart depicting measured data for the Srixon Z-Star XV golf ball

Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls

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What are YOU buying? The Golfers Choice Survey | NPG 81

Over 9000 golfers responded to our Golfer’s Choice Survey to tell us what new clubs you’ve bought this past year and from which manufacturers.

0:19 – Would you buy Tag Heuer’s Golf Timepiece?9:41 – Results from our 2021 Golfer’s Choice Survey11:43 – Drivers13:31 – Fairway Woods & Hybrids21:44 – Irons27:13 – Wedges31:07 – Putters37:23 – How closely do our results reflect the average golfer?

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You signed up for an iron fitting. Smart.

Getting fitted is something we preach relentlessly at MyGolfSpy. When it comes to finding the best-performing gear for your game, it’s an absolute necessity.

Now what?

We’ve compiled our best tips, based on experience, to help you get the most out of your fitting.

Like anything else, it helps to have a game plan.

An address view of the Honma 2021 irons

Honma Vizard shafts

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Bettinardi and Big League Chew 2021

Bettinardi partners again with Big League Chew to release co-branded accessories and a limited-run putter.Only 12 of the Water Hazard Watermelon putters were produced.Available May 4 at 10 a.m. CST in The Hive at

In what now looks to be an ongoing partnership, Bettinardi is once again releasing a Big League Chew-branded limited-run putter and line of accessories. The timing is pretty good as the 2021 Major League Baseball season is just underway. Big and Little Leaguers both agree that nothing says baseball like a dangerously large wad of Big League Chew in your cheek as you play.

Top of the Second

As I mentioned, this is the second year of the Bettinardi/Big League Chew partnership. For those of you who missed the previous explanation as to how this came to be, here’s a recap.

Founder and inventor of Big League Chew, Rob Nelson, and Founder and President of Bettinardi Golf, Robert J. Bettinardi, teamed up for a limited-edition release combining their two iconic brands. Brought to life by the team at Bettinardi Golf, the co-branded headcovers and golf products bring together our passion for golf and our love for the game of baseball, all the while paying tribute to the only gum ever to be featured at the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum as well as being part of our childhood memories at the ballpark. Produced in the U.S.A., just like Big League Chew gum, this headcover serves as an inspiration to play well and have fun on the golf course.

This release knocks nostalgia right out of the park. Many of us played baseball as kids with our cheeks chipmunked with Big League Chew. I’m kind of itching for a pouch and a red rope right now.


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Golfer’s Choice Survey Results

A few weeks ago, we asked you about the clubs in your bag. We called it the Golfer’s Choice Survey because we wanted to know which brands you chose to add to your bag most recently. The idea was to give us a sense of how brands are performing with our readers and to gauge what impact COVID has had on equipment replacement cycles.

It’s well-accepted that the typical replacement cycle (how frequently golfers replace their clubs) is three to six years, depending on the club category and how avid the golfer is. We’d expect the average MyGolfSpy reader falls on the shorter end of that range but, nevertheless, what that means is that in any given one-year period, approximately 15 to 30 percent of you will replace some of your clubs.

Drivers are replaced most often while fairway woods tend to linger more than five years. Data for hybrid replacement is sketchy as many golfers are still playing the first hybrid they bought. Even for avid golfers, the typical replacement cycle for wedges is just under four years. (That’s not good.)

Did you buck the trend over the last year?

More than 9,500 (9,640) of you completed our survey. Some of the numbers are eye-popping.

A chart showing the driver brands purchased most recently by MyGolfSpy readers.

A chart showing the brand of iron purchased most recently by MyGolfSpy readers

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Stan Smith Golf Shoe – One For The Memories

The Stan Smith Golf Shoe

The iconic Stan Smith silhouette is now a sustainable golf shoe. The first design was introduced to the world more than 50 years ago.

You might have seen his latest version covered in green for the first major which was received well by the public. Now Stan Smith and adidas have come out with a golf shoe for the classic and versatile golfer.

adidas is on a mission to end plastic waste by making shoes out of recycled materials and this shoe fit their mission. The Stan Smith has a PRIMEGREEN upper, PU cushioning in the midsole and the die-cut sockliner. Throw in a one-year waterproof warranty and you have the new Stan Smith golf shoe.

The shoe is available for purchase TODAY worldwide at $120 so grab yours while they last.

Stan Smith Golf Shoe


Yes, Please!
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Stan Smith Golf Shoe

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Four Testers Wanted – Inesis Spikeless Shoe

The Inesis spikeless shoe is arguably one of the most comfortable pairs of golf kicks we’ve ever tested. In fact, the phrase, “walking on newborn kittens” is as apt a descriptor as any. (With apologies to cat lovers. No kittens were harmed in our testing.)

Additionally, it consistently ranks near or at the top of the “Best Value” category in Most Wanted testing.

With that said, we’d like to get some feedback from MyGolfSpy readers.


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All products featured on MyGolfSpy are independently selected and tested by our staff. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.










Do you prefer a golf GPS or a rangefinder? If you vote GPS, we’ve tested and broken down the best golf GPS models on the market.

Many golf GPS models do more than just provide distances to front, middle and back pin locations. Some are in watch form and come with fitness components to help you track your health.

If you’re not a watch fan, you can buy GPS devices that are hand held and provide the hole layout, green depth, slope, the list goes on.

The golf GPS has so many capabilities it might just make rangefinders obsolete.


BEST GOLF GPS WATCH - Garmin Approach S62


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Ball Lab – Top Flite Gamer Golf Ball Review

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab is where we quantify the quality and consistency of the golf balls on the market to help you find the best ball for your money. Today, we’re taking a look at the TopFlite Gamer. An overview of the equipment we use can be found here. To learn more about our test process, how we define “bad” balls and our True Price metric, check out our About MyGolfSpy Ball Lab page.

Top Flite is a DICK’S Sporting Good’s house brand which gives the giant retailer the flexibility to make Gamer whatever it wants. With its urethane cover, the prior generation flirted with the “Tour” category. With this most recent iteration, the company is resetting the Gamer franchise. It’s revisiting its roots as an affordable ionomer-covered ball with a bit of a  performance slant.

About the Top Flite Gamer

The Top Flite Gamer is a three-piece ball with an ionomer cover.

An image showing Top Flite Gamer Golf Balls

a compression chart for the Top Flite Gamer

an image of the core of the Top Flite Gamer Golf Ball

MyGolfSpy Ball Lab Gauge data for the Top Flite Gamer

Top Flite Gamer

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Penfold Golf: History’s Great “What If?”

Chances are “Penfold Golf” doesn’t mean much to you. There is, however, compelling evidence to suggest it might be golf history’s great “what if?”. Today, Penfold is a fledgling lifestyle brand using nostalgia as its hook. But there was a time when Penfold was poised to be a golf ball powerhouse on both sides of the Atlantic.

Based on what we’ve learned through some research, there’s a better-than-even chance Penfold could have become what Titleist is today. That is to say, the No. 1 ball in golf.

A provocative statement? Certainly. Crazy conjecture? Perhaps. But it’s a story worth telling and, we hope, worth reading.

Penfold Golf: A Little Background

We’ve given you the Cliff Notes version of the Penfold Golf story but here’s the full monty.

Albert Ernest Penfold was born in 1884. A natural scientist, Penfold was a rubber savant responsible for some of the biggest innovations in golf. His first breakthrough came while working for the India Rubber, Gutta Percha and Telegraph Works Company, commonly known as the Silvertown Company. The gutta-percha was the ball of choice back then and the common “gutty” was a dull gray and hard to find, even on the fairway. Penfold developed a way to make a pure-white gutta-percha ball. It was a smash hit, and Penfold was named director of golf ball development for Silvertown in 1911. He started piling up patents for Silvertown almost immediately, retaining the rights to one, for a lattice-type dimple marking. That patent would eventually play a huge role for Penfold.

Penfold Golf

Penfold Golf
Penfold Golf

Penfold Golf

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