We Need A Deeper Range: U.S. Open Fencing Getting Mid-Week Expansion!?

Despite years of planning and the USGA’s extensive data on distance, it appears Bryson DeChambeau’s U.S. Open driving range work will force a Tuesday evening change to Winged Foot’s temporary fencing.

I'm told the USGA plans to move the netting back on the temporary range set up on the East Course. Bryson was bombing balls over it in the direction of parked cars. Send him out there with the scissors and add it to the list pic.twitter.com/1ritnMO25H

— Brendan Porath (@BrendanPorath) September 15, 2020

I’ve independently confirmed from two sources the veracity of Brendan Porath’s Tuesday Tweet based on an email to members.

The temporary range was not deep enough for today’s triathletes who’ve been armed with launch monitors, plant-based diets and conforming non-conforming equipment. And now the fence must move.

If you know anything about the USGA, you’re aware of the planning, refinement and expense that goes into a U.S. Open site preparation. Rarely does something like this happen. They’ve done this before.

But if there is any greater lunacy indicator on the rapidly expanding carry distances in elite golf, this might be it.

If there is better evidence of being totally outsmarted by players, equipment makers and technology, this might be the capper.

My sources say cars on the other side of the fence were in danger, a situation many golf courses have had to address at great cost and all to not tweak the rules or bifurcate them.

In the message to members, the club’s U.S. Open Chairman reported DeChambeau was the primary inspiration for moving the fence and range tee markers back. Cars, he said, were in danger. And not just the ones randomly parked on course as advertisements, but real courtesy cars.

Maybe this will do it?

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