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The U.S. Open, especially at Winged Foot, is not supposed to be easy. It's not supposed to be hard. It's supposed to be impossible. On Thursday, it wasn't. Will that change, or is the USGA softening?Original link
I’m not sure I would have dropped on day one of the U.S. Open and might recommend bookmarking if you want to stay focused on the tournament. But Michael Williams files a lengthy, shocking, bizarre and eye-opening piece for The Undefeated detailing something he witnessed at last year’s U.S. Open. Shocking because it involves one of the best people y
Jordan Spieth, the three-time major championship winner who has no victories since his 2017 Open victory, managed to shoot 3-over 73 but is tied for 78th place at Winged Foot in the U.S. Open.Original link
Even though he had five birdies on his card, Tiger Woods could not find much that was positive about his start to the U.S. Open at Winged Foot.Original link
Patrick Reed recorded a hole-in-one at the seventh hole in the first round of the U.S. Open at Winged Foot. Watch it happen.Original link
There were good moments, bad moments and plenty of moments of scrambling for Tiger Woods in the first round of the U.S. Open. Here's how it all went down.Original link
  The post NCGA Weekend Net Tour – The Ridge appeared first on Northern California Golf Association. Original link
Have you ever tried to walk in cement shoes? Chances are kids feel that way when trying to swing a golf club that isn’t right for them. When introducing kids to golf, parents often think they need to choose between proper instruction and good equipment. The fact of the matter is, as an instructor, it is nearly impossible to help kids develop the pr
USGA The appeal of hack-out, last-man-standing golf has always been a mystery. The joy of seeing tour pros brought down to a lower level is deeply narcissistic. To want to watch skills reduced or nullified, to make you feel better about your lousy game is both selfish and terribly simplistic. But it’s been a while since we’ve heard of a setup so an
The next time someone mentions “ironclad” and sports rights contracts, you’ll probably think of this story by Dave Shedloski at He speaks to several figures, including NBC’s Jon Miller, who largely orchestrated the unbelievable swap of USGA rights from Fox back to NBC/Golf Channel by staying in touch with the Fox execs. Former USGA
The USGA’s annual U.S. Open news conference this year was a roundtable went 47 minutes and highlighted initiatives, corporate sponsors, the high rough and the distance issue. We learned about the “cadre of social media influencers” helping to bring the tournament to everyone who can’t be there. So there was some humor. I enjoyed this from John Bode
It’s amazing when we hit perfect shots and wish that we could capture that swing in a bottle. It seems to be magic but it’s really the fact that you used the swing skills that you already know. You just need to bottle up the right moves in every swing. My Recent AwakeningAfter I played 9 holes of golf with consistently poor drives my wife suggested
Thanks to reader Brian for this Caroline Wilson story where the Herald writer tells us American golfers are less likely to hit balls into the Old Course hotel than Scots. This “news” comes as the hotel has filed for netting to protect the Jigger Inn’s outdoor revelers from incoming golf balls after all these years. The five-star hotel, which is own
USGA CEO Mike Davis said the organization looked at making Winged Foot "a little bit easier" for the U.S. Open.Original link
More money has been bet on Tiger Woods to win the U.S. Open than has been bet on any other golfer at William Hill sportsbooks, although Phil Mickelson has attracted the largest single bet.Original link
The Australian PGA Tour, scheduled to take place on the Gold Coast in December, has been postponed until 2021 as Australia's strict border controls cause a major obstacle.Original link