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Gonzalez earns Champions Tour win in Morocco

Ricardo Gonzalez strung together four straight birdies on the back nine to earn a 1-shot victory in the Trophy Hassan II, giving him membership on the PGA Tour Champions for the first time.

Ortiz shares 4-way lead at home in Mexico Open

Alvaro Ortiz got off to a strong start and did just enough right at the end for a 7-under 64, giving him a share of the lead in the Mexico Open as he goes for yet another victory in his home country.

Local favorite Tavatanakit leads at LPGA Thailand

Local favorite Patty Tavatanakit shot a 6-under 66 to take a three-stroke lead into the final round of the LPGA Thailand tournament.

Testers Wanted: Haywood Golf Clubs

About Haywood Golf

Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 2018, Haywood Golf is a relatively new addition to the direct-to-consumer market. However, they have made a concerted effort to differentiate themselves by offering multiple fitting locations worldwide. All of their clubs are assembled in Canada.

With a move to a new and bigger location in the Vancouver area, Haywood looks to expand on its existing lineup, which already includes a multi-material driver and fairway wood, along with a newly released hybrid. They also have four different iron models, a driving iron, wedges and two different putter models (one mallet and one blade).

Impressively, all Haywood golf clubs are also available in right- and left-handed options. Makes sense since Canada has the most lefty golfers in the world per capita!

With so many DTC brands available, Haywood separates itself by offering more fitting location options and special runs of copper and black nitride finish clubs, along with extremely competitive prices and a ton of options to fit your game.

What is being tested?

For this testing opportunity, we will have four fortunate golfers test, review and keep a full set of the Haywood cavity-back/muscle-back combo irons. With four split set options and full CB or MB, Haywood is introducing their first forged iron using 1020 carbon steel, which is “100% milled, allowing for the tightest weight and club measurement tolerances in the industry.”

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A pro's 3 secrets to shaping shots with your driver

Min Woo Lee, one of the longest hitters on the PGA Tour, shares his three tips to improve your distance and shot types with your driver.

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Why are Florida greens rolling so slowly? A superintendent explains

After a string of bright and balmy winters, El Nino has brought cool, wetter weather to the Sunshine State — and slower greens.

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In golf-course architecture, things are looking up in the States

With courses like Sedge Valley, a Tom Doak design at Sand Valley Resort, opening in 2024, there's lots to look forward to.

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Joaquin Niemann's 'chase' for Masters invite pays off

Joaquin Niemann will make his fifth Masters appearance come April, after he recently received a special invitation to the event.

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Scottie Scheffler's 2 keys for hitting solid wedge shots

In today's edition of Play Smart, Scottie Scheffler and Randy Smith share the two keys for great wedge play.

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4 reasons this edition of The Match will be very different (and better!)

The Match (featuring Rory, Homa, Lexi and Rose) returns Monday and will look different than ever before. Here's why it'll be better.

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TaylorMade TP Black Collection Putters

The new TP Black Collection putter line includes four blades and three mallets.All putters feature milled 303 stainless steel construction.Putters feature the Pure Roll Surlyn insert.MSRP $199.99

Just when you thought the 2024 putter release season was over, TaylorMade announces their new TP Black line of putters. At least it is only seven new putters this time.

Shops are going to expand the putter corrals.

With so many new putters out there this year, what sets TaylorMade’s TP Black Collection putter line apart from their competitors? Many of the build specifications sound familiar:

Milled 303 stainless steelKBS 120 Chrome Stepped putter shaftLamkin Sink Fit Skinny grip$199.99

I told you. It’s all the usual things that we find in a milled putter offering. Wait, did that say $199.99? TaylorMade is launching a milled putter line for only two hundred bucks?

TaylorMade, you now have my attention, and my curiosity.




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PGA Tour player explains why he uses an iron designed for bogey golfers

This top-ranked PGA Tour player explains why he made the switch to using a game improvement long iron to properly gap his set.

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Just Dropped: Air Jordan 9 G Golf Shoe

Jordan doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. After bringing out a host of new AJ1 Low colorways, Jordan Brand is back with a new (old) silhouette for the course, the Air Jordan 9.

As the name suggests, this was the ninth shoe in the Air Jordan lineup. It was actually the first shoe to be produced after MJ retired to play baseball. The black, white and fire red colorway you see here is one of the original color schemes.

About the Jordan 9 G

Polyurethane Foam MidsoleRemoveable Champs spikesSynthetic leather upper

History and Availability

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This isn’t the first time the Jordan 9 has made it’s way to the course. The man himself, Jacques Slade wrote about the Jordan 9 golf shoe back in 2016.

The 2024 model is more similar to the design of the OG Jordan 9, whereas the 2016 release shared design traits with Tiger Wood’s signature shoe at the time.

Regardless of the fact that MJ never actually wore the Jordan 9 when it first released (he wore it later on), this shoe has a big following and is bound to sell out quickly.

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Brilliant or Gimmicky? YouTube Golfers Have a Shot at PGA Tour Event

This sentence would have been unfathomable a few years ago: YouTube golfers are competing for the right to play in a PGA Tour event. 

The Myrtle Beach Classic, taking place May 9-12 in South Carolina, is holding a 16-man qualifier featuring notable YouTube content creators. The low finisher will get a spot in the tournament, which is an opposite-field event being held the same week as the Wells Fargo Championship (the Wells Fargo is a signature event, so all the best players will be in Charlotte). 

The 18-hole qualifier, hosted by Golf Tourism Solutions and Visit Myrtle Beach, will be on March 4 at TPC Myrtle Beach with a 90-minute video of the shootout being released April 23. Some of the participants will be releasing their own individual content from the event, as you would expect. 

No spectators or media will be allowed at the event—the results will be kept under wraps until the video comes out in April.

Is this a brilliant marketing strategy by a first-year PGA Tour event with nothing to lose? Or is this a gimmicky ploy to gain attention while taking a potential spot away from a better player? 

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2024 Mexico Open TV coverage for Friday: How to watch Round 2

How to watch the 2024 Mexico Open at Vidanta on Friday, including full Friday Mexico Open TV coverage, streaming info and more.

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MGS Experiences: Panther National

Justin Thomas has been interested in golf architecture since he was a little kid mapping out golf holes on napkins.

But he wisely prioritized his playing career over one in course design, which has worked out pretty well so far for two-time major winner and 2017 FedEx Cup champion who boasts more than $55.1 million in career earnings.

It wasn’t until Dominik Senn wanted to reimagine and reinvigorate the Florida golf experience that Thomas was able to live out his childhood dream.

Senn, a former Swiss professional alpine skier, is the founder of 4SENN, 4sports & Entertainment AG and Centaur Golf International AG. He reached out to Jack Nicklaus, who then contacted Thomas. After moving almost two million cubic yards of earth to create a links-style layout in Palm Beach Gardens, Panther National was born.

“We created a course unlike any other in South Florida,” Thomas said. “That was our goal. If you play here, the elevation changes stand out more than anything since most courses here are relatively flat. But it’s also how the green complexes, bunkering and water areas create the flow. There was a lot of dirt moved.

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Common Golf Injuries and Prevention Strategies

The Central Orthopedic Group

As with any sport, injuries are bound to appear in the game of golf. Injuries not only impact us at home and at work but also hinder the progress we are able to make with our game. If you’re injured, you’re losing valuable time to practice, play and improve. The majority of injuries golfers will face in a lifetime are the result of overuse or the frequent, repetitive motion and posture used for the golf swing. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common golf injuries and prevention strategies we can take to avoid them all together.

Why Injuries Occur

How to prevent golf-related injuries begins with understanding why and how they occur. Injuries in sport occur due to an amount of pressure or force that is applied on the body that exceeds its tolerance threshold. A good example of this is an ACL tear in a basketball or football player. A sudden change of direction or awkward landing imparts force the ligament cannot withstand, causing it to tear.

In the golf swing, strong, repetitive rotational forces are being placed on the body each time we swing. Impact with the ground applies additional force, and stress, that our body needs to be able to tolerate and withstand over many repetitions. Our swing mechanics will also play a role in potential risk for injury. Physical fitness has  become a priority in today’s professional golf landscape and is a key to injury prevention.

Rochester Regional Health

Common Golf Injuries

Outlined below are some of the most common injuries that will occur over a golfer’s lifespan. Consider yourself lucky if you’re able to avoid all of these completely. The common theme you will see with these is they are predominantly overuse injuries.

Back Pain

The golf posture lends itself to a predisposition for lower back pain. You spend hours on the course for an 18-hole round repeatedly addressing the ball to take a swing. As “back pain” is quite a general term, we can take a look at three predominant categories of golf-related back injuries.Lumbar strains. Essentially another way to describe back pain, this muscle pain is caused from excessive strain. These will typically be diagnosed as soft tissue injuries.Disc herniations. These occur when the padding between your vertebrae move out of place.Spondylosis or osteoarthritis of the spine. This occurs when the cartilage in a golfer’s spine breaks down over time and is typically found in older individuals.

Rotator Cuff Injuries

The rotator cuff, which is made up of four individual muscles, provides stabilization and support to the shoulder joint. Golfers will often experience a muscle strain or complete tear of one or more of the muscles of the rotator cuff when this type of injury occurs. Golfers may also experience rotator cuff tendinitis, swelling of the cuff tendons.

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This Training Tool is Great for Shifting Weight in the Golf Swing

Weight shift is always a hot topic In the world of golf instruction. It’s gotten even more attention lately with new technology to measure ground forces and weight transfer. There’s no question that transferring weight at the right time and utilizing the ground will add power and efficiency. We tested the Power Shift Board to see how it can be implemented in your routine for game improvement.

What We Tried: Power Shift Board

The Power Shift Board is a training aid designed to provide feedback regarding the weight shift throughout the golf swing. The Power Shift Board is for all skill levels and can help with swing sequence and timing.

Who Tried It:

Britt Olizarowicz. MyGolfSpy writer and scratch golfer. I’ve worked a lot on ground forces and weight shifts in the last few years. I was excited to try the Power Shift Board and see if it gives that correct feeling through impact.

What Is The Power Shift Board?

The Power Shift Board is a training aid that you stand on while taking swings. The main purpose is to take advantage of the board’s instant noise feedback. This occurs when weight is transferred to the lead leg.

It’s not a high-tech device. You simply hear a “click” when you’ve transferred your weight to your lead side.

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Brooks Koepka breaks down the art of learning from losing

Brooks Koepka joined the latest episode of The Scoop to talk about what you learn from winning vs. losing and lots more.

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At this historic muni, the greatest shot ever fired wasn't with a club

It was barely airborne and flew less than 200 feet, but the impact of that day at Pakachoag Golf Course was far-reaching.

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